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We work with like-minded people who appreciate intention and share the same approach for quality.

You have a direct line to the owners, and we’ve worked as dishwashers, baristas, roasters, managers, trainers, and even builders and contractors. Here for you no matter how far along you are with your project. You won’t find dark over-roasted, ubiquitous, low quality blends here. What to expect:

Social good – the coffee supply chain is not fair for producers, we partner with groups/producers who are produce amazing coffees, but may also be stuck in extraordinary circumstances. Your dollars will go to communities that need it most.

Support & equipment – We’re all about making our coffees taste their sweetest and sharing all we know. We are here for you for both initial training and ongoing support.

Stand out – Our coffee selection is created from years of experience in the industry. And the modus line up supplies a coffee for every type of specialty coffee drinker. 

Fresh crop & ‘fresh’ coffee – Our coffee menu is always seasonally fresh from origin. We can tell you the harvest date. We also do our best to work based on your volume, and try to provide degassed coffee when possible. Fresh roasted coffee is a no no. All this means full flavour and max sweetness.

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