x Dustin Ryan Yu offset lounge set

$ 95.00

Our third collaboration with local ceramicist Dustin Ryan Yu. We wanted to do something fun and practical and came up with this functional cup and saucer set. Complete with localized notch for your sometimes select coffee companion.

size: 3.5oz | includes: cup & saucer | due to the hand made nature of the product difference in pattern & color are normal.

More about the set from Dustin:

We collaboratively decided on an espresso cup and saucer combination, and we made many form & function-forward decisions along the way that produced a perfect design. The espresso cup holds 3.5oz, perfect for espressos, macchiatos, and piccolo lattes.

The saucer is made with an offset concavity/crater for the vessel, designed to provide space for other items such as a small cookie or biscotti to be placed on the saucer. On the straight walled edge of the saucer, one single notch/indentation was included in the design to provide an additional and optional use function. A stirring spoon could sit comfortably, or perhaps a cigarette or joint for your classic cigarette & coffee folks, as well as your wake & bakers. We wanted to create a a two-piece set that had everybody in mind—those who enjoy espresso by itself, and of course those who want a little extra with their coffee.

Colour, texture, and shape all play a role in your coffee drinking experience. The stoneware used is a slightly off-white clay, fired to have extremely low porosity, and shaped to be both minimal and functional. And finally, glaze colours were carefully selected to be reminiscent of Modus’ coffee profiles — Opus, Latif, and Bare.