Rivers Wallmug Demita

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About the Rivers Wallmug Demita

From Rivers: “This small tumbler called Wall Mug Demita has become a popular person in recent years, and it has come to appear in cafe and apparel goods where tons took off. Not only the looks but also the carefulness that the straw can be used and the worry such as a sense of security that will not break even if it drops are included so many users buy more than one person regardless of gender.

It can be said that Demita’s partner is micro coffee dripper. Regardless of silk hat, put it on Demita, you can extract delicious coffee. Not only can you fold and store MCD inside the demita, you can make coffee without choosing the place. Like a dripper flies out of the cup, as if Doraemon takes out a secret tool from a four-dimensional pocket.”



Product name: Uorumagu Demita

Raw materials: polypropylene (cup, lid)

Size: approx. W: 86 mm × D: 81 mm × H: 122 mm

Heat resistant temperature: 130 ° C (cup) / 120 ° C (lid)

Chilling temperature: -40 ℃ (cup, lid)

Production Country: China * Microwave can not be used.