Opus. Colombia, Augusto Ortega, WSHD

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The Opus, Exotic & Complex

Another nod to the Scandinavian style of roasting, the Opus is expertly light. Usually floral forward, you can expect a delicate and brighter cup. Mostly staying with washed coffees, our roasting process looks to show off clarity of flavours.



The Opus right now & origin details

Part of Monkaaba, a group that fosters local producer knowledge and prolific specialty market prices, Augusto has a specific process for this pink borbon. Picked every 15 days at peak ripeness. Fermented in cherry overnight before being depulped, then a dry ferment for 32 hours. Seeds rinsed of remaining mucilage then onto raised, shaded beds for 20-22 days to dry.


mint, guava, lemongrass



Producer / Mill / Group

Augusto Ortega, ‘Las Asturias’




Washed. Cherries are peaked every 15 days when the reach peak ripeness. They’re left to ferment in cherry overnight before being depulped the next morning and undergoing a dry ferment for an additional 32 hours. The seeds are rinsed of remaining mucilage and then spread to dry on raised, shaded beds for 20-22 days.


Pink borbon varietals


Imported by Brendan @ Semilla, Harvested 2020 fall

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