Opus. Colombia, Jose Burbano, pink borbon, WSHD

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The Opus, Exotic & Complex

Another nod to the Scandinavian style of roasting, the Opus is expertly light. Usually floral forward, you can expect a delicate and bright crisp cup. Mostly staying with washed African coffees, our roasting process for this profile shows off clarity of flavours.


The Opus right now & origin details

Very excited to work with Monkaaba again. A farmers coop group with the goal of 100% autonomy with their coffees. Jose has been growing coffee since he was 12, first supporting his parents’ plots, then at 18 he was looking after his own lot of 1000 caturra plants.


rose water, crispin apple, sweet lemon tea


Colombia, Alto Las Chinas, San Agustin

Producer / Mill / Group

Jose Burbano, Monkaaba group

Elevation & farm/plot size

1800m / 2.5ha


Washed. Cherries collected every 20 days at max ripeness, left to ferment overnight in a wooden hopper. After depulping the seeds go through a wet ferment of 72 hours. Next, rinsed 4 times to remove all mucilage and then moved to raised beds. When the appearance of humidity begins to recede from the parchment, its moved to piles for 3 days before being evenly spread out on the beds to dry for 21-29 days.


pink borbon


Imported by Semilla, Harvested 2022 fall

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