Opus. Kenya, Kii factory AB, SL28/SL34, WSHD


The Opus, Exotic & Complex

Another nod to the Scandinavian style of roasting, the Opus is expertly light. Usually floral forward, you can expect a delicate and bright crisp cup. Mostly staying with washed African coffees, our roasting process for this profile shows off clarity of flavours.

  • body 35% 35%
  • sweetness 40% 40%
  • acidity 25% 25%

The Opus right now & origin details

Our second Kenyan from Vava is nothing but excellent – this lot is from a ‘factory’ near a natural spring. 850+ small lot producers bring their cherries here for processing. The Rungeto FCS own this facility, all coffee here is washed using water from the Kii river, giving the lots a nice sparkle and fresh acidity. Although this is the AB grade – it is showing off an excellently intense and juicy cup.


Notes: cranberry, rose water, fuzzy peach

Country: Kenya, Kirinyaga, Kibugu

Producer / Mill / Group: Rungeto FCS (farmers coop society)

Elevation & farm/plot size: 1310-1900, average farm with 250+ trees

Process: Washed

Variety: SL28, SL34, 15-18 screen size

Harvested: 2023 spring

Importer: Vava & Sucafina

Kenya is known for their excellent washed coffees. Cherries are depulped mechanically soon as they arrive. Ideally cherries need to be depulped right after they are picked. Next, the seeds are covered in a layer of the pulp/mucilage. The mucilage is fermented in tanks for 16-24 hours, breaking down to a point it can be thoroughly ‘washed’ off the seeds, done using long washing channels. Before drying, the coffee is taken to another set of tanks, soaked under water fo 12 hours. Recently, new tiles were installed in the washing channels help preserve both coffee and water quality, also any water used in processing is cleaned by filtering in earthen pits before being put back into local waterways.  In the end parchment is left to dry for about 14 days. The many fine steps is a big reason why Kenyan washed lots are something else.

The factory was built in 1995, and has over 850 members contributing coffees to it every season. Run by the Rungeto FCS, Farmers Coop Society, it’s 1 of 3 owned and operated by the coop. It’s very close to the bottom of Mt Kenya, and also right beside the Kii river, this is where the main water source is from to wash all the lots going through. Quality has really gone up over the past few years with multiple steps being reviewed every year to make sure there is no compromise with the quality of all the grades. 

All Kenyan coffee is classed by size – AB lots are screen size 15 and 18 (5 and 7 millimeters in size).

sl28 – Very drought tol­er­ant and real good cup qual­i­ty, but sus­cep­ti­ble to major dis­eases. Com­mon­ly found in Kenya, Malawi, Ugan­da, Zimbabwe.

sl34 – Excep­tion­al cup qual­i­ty but very sus­cep­ti­ble to cof­fee berry dis­ease. Mainly found most­ly in Kenya.