Opus. Kenya, John Kahata Mucau, WSHD

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The Opus, Exotic & Complex

Another nod to the Scandinavian style of roasting, the Opus is expertly light. Usually floral forward, you can expect a delicate and brighter cup. Mostly staying with washed coffees, our roasting process looks to show off clarity of flavours.



The Opus right now & origin details

Categorized as a ‘small estate’, the unique thing here is John chooses to keep his finished coffees separate from neighbours, to be able to keep the traceability. As it takes additional resources, time, and money, this is something that’s lacking in a lot of Kenyan coffees. John operates his own small wet mill to do this.. vs many other small producers who have to deliver their cherries to non-local corporate wet mills, where coffees are blended together, erasing all traceability.


lychee, pomegranate, asian pear


Kenya (Kiambu, Central Kenya), Githunguri

Producer / Mill / Group

John Kahata Mucau single estate




Washed, on Johns estate at his micro mill. Dry milling at Kahawa Bora


sl28, sl34


Imported by Dustin via Vava coffee, Harvested 2021 spring

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