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mc#003 Nicaragua Sergio COE CM/NTRL

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The MC series. One of a kind.

The MC series is a very infrequent profile that we release for special occasions… lately it’s just been for our yearly anniversaries. 

The MC right now & origin details

We’ve not released an MC profile for 2 years now (hence the #003), but we decided to purchase this amazing COE winner for our shops 5 year birthday. Not our first coffee from the Jarquins, they’re always pushing the boundaries of agriculture and processing, and this lot does not disappoint. Coming in 13th in the Nicaraguan Cup of Excellence this year, for 2022, you’ll find the cup has so many layers to it. We managed to pick up only 66lbs of this lot (about 90x 250g bags will be available).

FOB Price: $6.78USD/lb (Export Fee:-$0.22USD/lb + Processing Fee: -$1.56USD/lb + Price paid to producer: $5.00USD/lb)

From Sergio on the coffee, processing and their approach:


guava, vanilla, soursop


Nicaragua, Mozonte, Nueva Segovia

Producer / Mill / Group

Jose & Sergio Jarquin of La Bendicion




carbonic macerated natural. Extended fermentation time. The CM step adds a more candy-like character in the cup. After cherries are picked, they are put into a sealed container, skins on, and left to ferment from the inside out. CO2 is typically pushed in to push out the oxygen to avoid mould issues. The skin on in the tank leads to the tannins altering the final flavour. After this step the cherries are ultimately laid out to dry, skin on again for a final natural process. Dried for 15-21 days on raised beds. Plot: 90plus. Screen Size: 15+100%


red & yellow borbon


Harvested 2022 spring

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