mc#004 Nicaragua Samuel Zavala, maracaturra, WSHD


The MC series. One of a kind.

The MC series is a very infrequent profile that we release for exceptional coffees. Typically these won’t fit into our standard line up of profiles because of either the lot size or cup score/price, or both. Anything goes for the MC series. 

The MC right now & origin details

Samuel runs his farm with his sister Indira, being third generation producers they inherited the farm 7 years ago. Focusing on only 4 different varietals on the farm lets them really focus on bring out the best of each. The high elevation combined with the unique micro climate helps plenty with the cup profile of all the varietals and lots with an average temperature of 17-25C. This maracaturra lot is a good example of how much intensity you can get out a straight washed coffee. Their farm has also taken home 4 cup of excellence awards, plus two presidential awards including coffees with a score of 90+. Samuel emphasizes the importance of post harvesting and processing care, and attributes the wins to this.

Notes: green strawberry, fruit punch, prosecco

Country: Nicaragua, Dipilto, Nueva Segovia

Producer / Mill / Group: Samuel Zavala of El Cambalache

Elevation/Size/Farm: 1300-1500m (Maracaturra 50%, Pacamara 20%, Caturra 15%, Gesha 15%)

Process: washed

Variety: maracaturra

Harvested: 2022 spring

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