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  • MC.002 Guatemala Malawi Gesha, Ricardo Zelaya

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    Gesha is a more rare varietal of coffee that has super complex and unique flavours. Typically very difficult to grow and cultivate, including it needing higher than normal altitudes. Now cultivated in most coffee producing countries, the flavours can vary that much more depending on the terroir.

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Limited quantity – sold in 100g portions.

Guatemala, Ricardo Zelaya Malawi Gesha

Region: Antigua
Producer: Ricardo Zelaya
Farm: Santa Clara
Process: Washed
Drying method: Sun-dried
Altitude: 1750-1850 MASL
Varietal: gesha (Malawi strain)

Tastes like: … try it and see.

Santa Clara has been around since the 1930s. Just one of Ricardo Zelayas farms, Santa Clara, along with the other farms have a number awards for stellar coffee growing and processing. Recently a COE winner in 2018.

This variety of gesha is different from the rest, being from Malawi, the cup character is unlike other Panamanian geshas. Santa Clara started with 500 plants 12 years ago, in the beginning just 15 of those plants survived, but today they have 3 hectares going strong. Geshas are known for their finickiness and low yield, but are quick to mature and show amazing results given the right conditions. Being planted at the highest spot on the farm, all it took is time.

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