Latif. Nicaragua, Fincas Mierisch, Mama Mina, red catuai, WSHD


The Latif, Juicy & Fruity

Our juicy pick of the lineup. The coffees selected for the Latif are mostly washed, bright varietal coffees since they have such juicy energy. It should remind you of your favourite childhood juice box — super fruity, super sweet, and very colourful.

  • body 40% 40%
  • sweetness 45% 45%
  • acidity 15% 15%

The Latif right now & origin details

The Mierisch family has been growing coffee for 100 years now, and having multiple farms in both Nicaragua and Honduras, they have dialed in growing and processing coffees at scale. No stranger to the Cup of Excellence as well with multiple wins. The location of the farm makes it a little tough for optimizing coffee since there is much more rain fall and cloud coverage but after a number of years of experimenting with various varietals and techniques the Mama Mina farm is producing very juicy forward lots.


Notes: apricot, apple cider, orange blossom

Country: Nicaragua, Matagalpa, Arenal

Producer / Mill / Group: Fincas Miericsh

Elevation/Size: 1275-1400m

Process: Washed .

Variety: red catuai

Harvested: 2023 spring

Importer: Ryan @ La Finca


More on the farm:

Farm Manager: Denis Morales

Coffee Area: 76 hectares

Diurnal Temp. Cycle: Avg High 21C, Low 15C

Coffee Varieties: Javanica, Yellow & Red Pacamara, Gesha, Yellow Pacas, Red Catuai, Pink Bourbon (recently), H1 (recently), SL-28 (recently)..

The Catuai is a cross from Mundo Novo and caturra originally. The plant is highly productive compared to Bourbon, in part because of its small size, which allows plants to be closely spaced; it can be planted at nearly double the density. The plant’s shape makes it relatively easy apply pest and disease treatments.