Latif. Nicaragua, Sergio & Jose Jarquin, WSHD

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  • body 40% 40%
  • sweetness 45% 45%
  • acidity 15% 15%


The Latif, Juicy & Fruity

Our juicy pick of the lineup. The coffees selected for the Latif are mostly washed, bright varietal coffees since they have such juicy energy. It should remind you of your favourite childhood juice box — super fruity, super sweet, and very colourful.



The Latif right now & origin details

So happy to work with the Jarquins again for year 2. They put a lot of effort into pioneering new processing methods to get the most fruit-forward notes out of their coffees. Also no stranger to the Cup of Excellence, they have won a number of COE awards within Nicaragua. This lot is a double variety selection from the same plot, showing a hyper focused flavour profile from their farm, La Bendicion.


plum, cola, honeysuckle


Nicaragua, Mozonte, Nueva Segovia

Producer / Mill / Group

Jose & Sergio Jarquin of La Bendicion




Washed "El campamento process". 36-72 hours fermentation time.


caturra, catuai


Harvested 2022 spring

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