Latif. Rwanda, Cyeshero hill, red bourbon, WSHD

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The Latif, Juicy & Fruity

Our juicy pick of the lineup. The coffees selected for the Latif are mostly washed, bright varietal coffees since they have such juicy energy. It should remind you of your favourite childhood juice box — super fruity, super sweet, and very colourful.



The Latif right now & origin details

Akagera is a new station that is managed by BAHO, who support Rwandan producers. The mill accepts cherries from about 460 producers, although this one is a 5 producer lot. The cool and humid air gives the coffees some unique notes in the sought after Nyamasheke district. Now receiving more consistent market access, producers also received 50% more money than the nationally mandated farmgate price.


tamarind, grape fanta, red rose tea


Rwanda, Kivu Sector, Nyamasheke District, Western Province

Producer / Mill / Group

Akagera station, Cyeshero hill. 5 producers include: Zabron Ruberakurora, Emmanuel Hakizizimana ,Annonciate Mukandasongerwa, Innocent Bimenyande, Japhet Ngendabanyika


1535-1900m / average farm size 0.95 hectare


Washed. First cherries are sorted under shade for the ripest. Next is multiple rounds of floating, separating the most dense and least for different grade lots. After a double fermentation process. First, a dry fermentation for 8 to 12 hours. The tank is then filled with water for an additional 8 to 12 hour wet fermentation. Once the fermentation process is complete, coffee is pushed through the grading channels. Here the coffee is very rigorously washed to remove any remaining mucilage and separated by density. After grading, the coffees are soaked (now with no mucilage attached) in a tank of water for a final 8 to 12 hours. This is thought to promote even distribution of moisture throughout the seeds, thus leading to more even drying. Next the coffee is moved to shaded drying beds. At first the coffee is exposed to sun for 3 hours/day for a slower drying, and rotated regularly. Temperature is closely watched and when moisture is 11%, drying is finished. The final drying process can take 30-40 days, and finally ready for milling.


red bourbon


Harvested 2021 summer

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