Latif. Nicaragua, Luis Peralta Sanabria, parainema, WSHD


The Latif, Juicy & Fruity

Our juicy pick of the lineup. The coffees selected for the Latif are mostly washed, bright varietal coffees since they have such juicy energy. It should remind you of your favourite childhood juice box — super fruity, super sweet, and very colourful.

  • body 40% 40%
  • sweetness 45% 45%
  • acidity 15% 15%

The Latif right now & origin details

Another excellent coffee via Marilec, a female led, Nicaraguan producer who also operates a sustainable exporting company supporting small lot producers. This was a very interesting lot when we tasted it at origin. This is the first Parainema varietal that we’ve had as well, and were very impressed with the cup character. Typically they have an herbal or savoury flavour, but Luis’ lot had plenty of range and it was not as easy to pinpoint what we were tasting exactly. But we new it was for sure unique, and delicious.


Notes: spearmint, butter cream, mcDonalds apple pie

Country: Nicaragua, Cerro el Aguila, Jalapa

Producer / Mill / Group: Luis Peralta Sanabria of Los Manantiales

Elevation/Size: 1360-1680 masl

Process: Washed .

Variety: Parainema

Harvested: 2023 fall

Importer: Ryan @ La Finca


The farm was purchased in 2016, that came from half of it being inherited from Luis’ parntes, and the other half from his own finances. To him this is a ‘life project’, after studying as a barista at a local school, his interest on the growing side grew. Every year Luis has deep dived into more aspects of coffee growing ranging from soil specs, nutrients, diversity of plants on the farm, all the way to building his own solar dryer on the farm (to also avoid having to drive to the nearest dry mill).

Height of the entire property: Between 1360 – 1680 masl

Total Area/Land 15 blocks, coffee cultivation 6 blocks

Varieties: Catuai, Parainema, Catimor, Anacafe 14, Pacamara, Yellow Caturra and Geisha

Process Types: Washed, Honey and Natural

Types of Shade: Black guaba and white guaba, Oaks, Musaseas/Platanos (shaded with guava trees, oaks, plantain)

Parainema: A not so common varietal, known to have herbal and/or savoury flavours, but also very unique fruit forward flavours in the right growing conditions. Developed at the IHCAFE in Honduras. The seed itself is narrow and very oval shaped and long, which can make it trickier to roast. Lower batch sizes are common when roasting this varietal to keep control of the roast curve.