Hiro. Nicaragua, Víctor López, red pacamara, NTRL



The Hiro, Funky & Tropical.

More of a wild and adventurous profile. Any origin goes and the roast level depends on the coffee, but we tend to keep it lighter. Expect a coffee with notes you wouldn’t normally associate with its origin.

  • body 35% 35%
  • sweetness 40% 40%
  • acidity 25% 25%

The Hiro right now & origin details

Built from the foundations of an age old indigenous village, Xinotecatli, now city of Jinotega, also known as the CIty of Mist is home to Los Papales. Over 100 years old, the farm is family run and now maintained by Victor. Sustainability is key, but they’re also deeply rooted in the community, this includes a school up to grade 6 as well as a health center. Everyone is welcome to these services, even people from neighbouring communities that are not connected or employed by the farm. Marilec also helped facilitate this lot for us, a Nicaraguan female producer, and also exporter working with small lot producers. Farm photos from Marilec.


Notes: cantaloupe, merlot, saffron

Country: Nicaragua, Jinotega aka City of Mist (Xinotecatli “City of Eternal Old Men”)

Producer / Mill / Group: José Víctor López Urroz of Los Papales

Elevation/Size: 1250-1350m

Process: natural process

Varietal: red pacamara

Harvested: Harvested 2023 spring

Importer: Ryan of La Finca

Natural process. Picky selection of red and ripe mature cherries are selected, usually measured by color, meaning a deeper red, almost purple. They do not accept more than 2% “pinton” which is a slightly underripe yellowish color. Taken directly from harvest to dry on raised beds for 20 days. All post processing is also done on site at the farm to keep more control on all the variables. 

Belonging to 4th generation coffee producers, the López family has a strong track record for producing very delicious coffees. Lately Victor has been focusing on pushing the boundaries of processing to bring out more unique cup quality out of their lots. Having an agricultural engineering background, he uses this knowledge on all levels.

Pacamara, a cross of Pacas and Margogipe. Cup quality from this varietal is known to be very unique and tasty, a lot of producers use the pacamara to enter competitions like the Cup of Excellence. Although a nice tasting varietal it has high risk for leaf rust.