Hiro. Rwanda, Akagera Afrodis, NTRL

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The Hiro, Funky & Tropical.

More of a wild and adventurous profile. Any origin goes and the roast level depends on the coffee, but we tend to keep it lighter. Expect a coffee with notes you wouldn’t normally associate with its origin.

The Hiro right now & origin details

Our 3rd coffee from BAHO this year, and we have been gushing over all of them. BAHO is a Rwandan owned exporter and coffee producing group that is pushing boundaries on traceability  and doing good work on keeping very small lots separate to give credit to individual producers. Along with well documented processing steps, a very new thing.


pomello, ginger candy, bordeaux fig


Rwanda, Bushekeri Sector, Nyamasheke District, Western Province

Producer / Mill / Group

Akagera station, coffee from 5 different producers: Afrodis Gahonzire, Azitha Urwijumukondo, Athanase Fatisuka, Gratien Nkejuwimy, and Froduard Rusingizandekwe




natural. “Natural processing is approached equally across all BAHO stations. First, quality control is handled at delivery via hand sorting and floating. The good quality cherries selected in this process are stored in bags for 12 hours, allowing the mucilage to stick to the bean. Cherries are then turned out on to drying tables the following morning, with no more than 150kg being placed on each table and the cherries are stacked no thicker than 2 to 4 cm depending on the weather. For the first 5 days, the cherries are turned every hour, while from day 5 to 20, the coffee are turned every two hours. At the 20th day, the cherries are assessed and if the weather is hot, they are covered for three to five days, and this process is repeated until the 45-50th day. In general, naturals are left to dry for between 50-53 days across all washing stations.”


red bourbon


Imported by Semilla, harvested summer 2021

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