Hiro. Nicaragua, Sergio & Jose Jarquin, CM/NTRL

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The Hiro, Funky & Tropical.

More of a wild and adventurous profile. Any origin goes and the roast level depends on the coffee, but we tend to keep it lighter. Expect a coffee with notes you wouldn’t normally associate with its origin.

The Hiro right now & origin details

Another lovely coffee by the father son duo. They put a lot of effort into pioneering new processing methods to get the most fruit-forward notes out of their coffees. Also no stranger to the Cup of Excellence, they have won a number of COE awards within Nicaragua. This is one of their more experimental processes trying to push more flavour out of their natural processes via dual varietal blend and extra steps in fermentation.


cream soda, rocket candy, moscato wine


Nicaragua, Mozonte, Nueva Segovia

Producer / Mill / Group

Jose & Sergio Jarquin of La Bendicion




carbonic macerated natural. “little red riding hood process”. short fermentation time. The CM step adds a more candy-like character in the cup. After cherries are picked, they are put into a sealed container, skins on, and left to ferment from the inside out. CO2 is typically pushed in to push out the oxygen to avoid mould issues. The skin on in the tank leads to the tannins altering the final flavour. After this step the cherries are ultimately laid out to dry, skin on again for a final natural process.


red & yellow catuai


Harvested 2022 spring

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