Hiro. Nicaragua, Marilec 2x regional, various, NTRL



The Hiro, Funky & Tropical.

More of a wild and adventurous profile. Any origin goes and the roast level depends on the coffee, but we tend to keep it lighter. Expect a coffee with notes you wouldn’t normally associate with its origin.

  • body 35% 35%
  • sweetness 40% 40%
  • acidity 25% 25%

The Hiro right now & origin details

Another stand out one of a kind lot from our Nicaraguan based exporting partners, Marilec. This complex natural coffee is from 2 separate farms, in different producing departments. Like we always say, we think this is the best way to show off a ‘blend’, giving all the power to the producers to decide how their coffees are used. The result is a complex, clean and juicy natural process lot showing off the best of both producers work. This lot is comprised of 3 different varietals, but from a similar altitude range to keep similar densities together – this helps greatly during the roasting process allowing us to profile the coffee as we see fit.


Notes: swedish berries, mandarin, dry cider

Country: Nicaragua, Dipilto N.S & Mozonte

Producer / Mill / Group: Norlan Mairena (Finca El Naranjo) & Kathering Alieska Herrera Florian (Finca Ojo de Agua)

Elevation/Size: 1150-1350m

Process: natural process

Varietal: caturra, catuai, borbon

Harvested: Harvested 2023 fall

Importer: Ryan of La Finca

Natural process. Both lots processed separately at their respective farms, and then blended together after being hulled, and fermented. 

Information on both producers and their farms:

Daniel Rodríguez and Norlan Mairena (Father and Son). Finca El Naranjo is located in Dipilto Nueva Segovia. Producer focused on coffee production specialty using mostly organic fertilizers. Height of the entire property: Between 1200 – 1570 MSNM Total Area/Land 25 blocks, coffee crops 16 blocks Varieties: Catuai Rojo, Bourbon, Maragogype, Parainema. Red catuai nurseries in progress. Process Types: Washed, Honey and Natural Types of Shade: Black and white guaba, bananas, citrus, bucaro, cedar Note: Has participated in cup of excellence

Name of Producer: Kathering Alieska Herrera Florian Finca Ojo de Agua, is located in El Pinavete Mozonte, Inherited from her grandparents. Her father, Ali Herrera was the heir at the time; Starting in 2019, it became managed and commissioned by Khaterin Herrea who is only 23 years old, with a high school education in accounting and currently focused on the production of specialty coffee hand in hand with care for the environment atmosphere. Name of La Finca: Ojo de agua, which means eye of the storm because of the amount of water that falls in certain time of year. Height: Between 1100 – 1500 MSNM Total Area/Land 17 blocks, coffee cultivation 13 blocks Varieties: Red Catuai, Yellow Catuai, Bourbon and Maragogype. Variety nurseries in process Yellow pacamara. Process Types: Washed, Honey and Natural Types of Shadow: Black and white guaba, bananas, citrus Note: Has participated in cup of excellence