Dom. Mexico, SICOBI coop, WSHD

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The Dom, Sweet & Familiar

Our standard for a familiar cup.  Like a medium roast, the Dom is a very forgiving coffee thanks to its balanced acidity, big body, and sweetness. Expect rich chocolates, toasted nuts, and mild fruit in the back end to keep it interesting. The Dom was the first and only Modus profile back in 2016 so it has a special place in many hearts.



The Dom right now & origin details

A small coop focused on high quality coffees and conserving biodiversity made up of 6 communities. A mountainous region, so temperatures vary, which mean slow development of cherries. Add in 48 hour fermentation at controlled low temps in wooden tanks, gives an almost natural process cup profile. Quite unique than the standard Mexican coffee.


banana bread, apple juice, chocolate granola


Mexico, Sierra Sur, Oaxaca

Producer / Mill / Group

223 producers part of SICOBI Sistema Comunitario para el Resguardo y Manejo de la Biodiversidad (Community System for Protecting and Managing Biodiversity)




Washed process. 48 hour fermented in wooden tanks/barrels


Typica, Caturra, Mundo Nuovo


Harvested fall 2021. Imported by Sustainable Harvest


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