Dom. Guatemala, Eduardo Donis Olivia, pache san ramon, WSHD


The Dom, Sweet & Familiar

Our standard for a familiar cup.  Like a medium roast, the Dom is a very forgiving coffee thanks to its balanced acidity, big body, and sweetness. Expect rich chocolates, toasted nuts, and mild fruit in the back end to keep it interesting. The Dom was the first and only Modus profile back in 2016 so it has a special place in many hearts.

  • body 40% 40%
  • sweetness 50% 50%
  • acidity 10% 10%

The Dom right now & origin details

Eduardos coffee is part of a multi year initiative we have buying from his group – first peoples of Guatemala – they are also in a long legal and political battle with a Vancouver based mining corporation encroaching on their land. This is year 4 working with Cafe Colis Resistencia and every year their coffees have been excellent. It is our first year having Eduardos coffee though – tasting lovely.


Notes: all-spice, blackcurrant, malt

Country: Guatemala, Mataquescuintla

Producer / Mill / Group: Eduardo Donis Olivia of Cafe Colis Resistencia

Elevation/Size: 1800m

Process: Washed

Variety: pache san ramon

Harvested: spring 2023.

Importer: Brendan @ Semilla

Washed process.

Eduardo runs his farm with his family, including his parents, siblings, as well as their children. 1 of many producers that are part of the Cafe Colis Resistencia group and Mataquescuintla community, a big reason for their coffee production and improving the quality of their coffees is to yield more money to put towards legal fees in fighting the Escobal mine on their land.

Pache, or Pache san Ramon, or Pache Comun is a dwarf mutation from the Typica cultivar. First discovered in Guatemala and very common in the Mataquescuintla area. Best adapted to elevations over 1200 meters above sea level, and in regions with less than 2,500mls of rainfall/year. The plant itself grows smaller (referred to as a Dwarf), the benefit being it can be planted closer together to get more yields in a smaller area.