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Dom. Guatemala, Denis Zuleta, WSHD

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The Dom, Sweet & Familiar

Our standard for a familiar cup.  Like a medium roast, the Dom is a very forgiving coffee thanks to its balanced acidity, big body, and sweetness. Expect rich chocolates, toasted nuts, and mild fruit in the back end to keep it interesting. The Dom was the first and only Modus profile back in 2016 so it has a special place in many hearts.


The Dom right now & origin details

Year 4 of he Mataq group with us – initially the group had little access to the specialty market, and in a land battle with a Vancouver based mining company – the group puts out exceptionally clean coffees considering their circumstances and how remote their community is. Perfect examples of the Guatemalan cup.


marshmallow, trail mix, apple pie


Guatemala, Mataquescuintla

Producer / Mill / Group

Cafe Colis Resistencia. Abel is part of the Xinca people in central Guatemala. Mataquescuintla is quite remote but the final milling is finished at Ricardo Zelayas dry mill near Guatemala city.




Washed process.


pache san ramon


Harvested spring 2022. Imported by Bows

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