DCF. Guatemala, Cafe Colis Resistencia, swiss decaf

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  • body 45% 45%
  • sweetness 45% 45%
  • acidity 10% 10%


The DCF, tasty without the caffeine

This profile is simple - roasted closely to our Dom, our mainstay coffee, designed to be versatile and familiar.



The DCF right now & origin details

Cafe Colis Resistencia is the Mataquescuintla group who we buy for the Dom mainly - this is a decaf version of their coffees that are grouped together. It’s important that all coffees from producers get used - this lot contains coffees that did not make the cut, but perfectly delicious for a more medium roast.


toffee, cacao nibs, cinnamon shortbread


Guatemala, Mataquescuintla, Jalapa

Producer / Mill / Group

Cafe Colis Resistencia




Decaf. Via Swiss Water method.


pache san ramon


Imported by West Coast, Harvested 2022 spring

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