DCF, Colombia, Huila & Nariño regional, Sugar decaf


The DCF, tasty without the caffeine

This profile is simple – roasted closely to our Dom, our mainstay coffee, designed to be versatile and familiar, but with 99.9% of the caffeine removed. 


The DCF right now & origin details

This lot is a fun but purposeful union of various micro lots showing off regional specific flavours from both Nariño and Huila. After processing the decaffeination process was done at the Descafecol Decaffeination Plant in Manizales. EA, or the Ethyl Acetate process uses a product made naturally from sugar cane, and in this case also blackberry and beets.


citrus, trail mix, lime


Colombia, Huila & Nariño

Producer / Mill / Group

258 small lot producers from Huila & Nariño




Washed and Decaf. ethyl acetate/sugarcane. The coffee gets steamed and rinsed multiple times with the solution to take the caffeine out, next it’s dried and sealed with a natural wax. EA process vs Swiss water because it’s less intrusive and keeps a lot more of the coffees naturally cup character. Washed process: fermented for 12-24 hours, and dried for 12-15 days. The drying is done in a number of ways depending on the region and the producer.


castillo & caturra


Imported by Apex, Harvested 2023 spring

Note that decaf is for special order only, normally we don’t stock it in-store.

Specific coffee origin traceability below.