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Bare. Brazil, Danielle Fonseca, yellow catuai, ANA/NTRL

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The Bare, Malty & Crisp

Similar to the Dom, but roasted dead-light. A nod to the Scandinavian roasting style, you can expect mulled spices, cereal, and raw honey in the cup profile. The Bare keeps it light and crisp while still upping the sweetness and body for a fresh take on a familiar cup.


The Bare right now & origin details

Similar to last years crop although some changed in the processing. This time working in an anaerobic step in fermentation to bring out more intensity in the cup. The coffees from Fazenda da Serra are aways consistent and crisp, the same amount of care goes into both their small and large lots. 


mulling spices, pineapple, orange crush


Brazil, Sul de Minas (South of Minas)

Producer / Mill / Group

Danielle Fonseca, Fazenda da Serra




anaerobic natural via fermentation tanks with zero oxygen, then onto raised beds and shaded terrance for drying in thin layers. The process taking about 50 days post harvest.


yellow catuai


Imported by Mountain Coffee. Winter 2021/2022 crop

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