Bare. El Salvador, Mapache Estate, WSHD

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The Bare, Malty & Crisp

Similar to the Dom, but roasted lighter. A nod to the Scandinavian roasting style, you can expect mulled spices, cereal, and raw honey. The Bare keeps it light while still upping the sweetness and body for a fresh take on a familiar cup.


The Bare right now & origin details

Again, year 2 working with the good people of Mapache. Each of their coffees deliver something really unique for the El Salvadorian cup. Visiting their main processing station a couple years back, it was easy to see the level of organization and cleanliness, and how it translates into the cup.


nutmeg, Maltesers, peanut brittle.


El Salvador

Producer / Mill / Group

Mapache, Jan-Carlo




washed process, being Mapaches Estate ‘blend’ it’s a select mix of 3 of their washed varietals from 3 of their farms.


pacamara, bourbon, pacas


Imported by Dustin @ Mountain

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