Bare. Honduras, Fredy Nahun Vasquez, typica, ANA/WSHD

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The Bare, Malty & Crisp

Similar to the Dom, but roasted dead-light. A nod to the Scandinavian roasting style, you can expect mulled spices, cereal, and raw honey in the cup profile. The Bare keeps it light and crisp while still upping the sweetness and body for a fresh take on a familiar cup. Lately we’ve been working with either honey process coffees, or experimental processing styles. 

The Bare right now & origin details

This is Modus’ first Honduran coffee, ever. We have found an avenue to work with the Los Ramirez group, who is just breaking into the specialty market. This lot is Fredys first internationally released micro lot, and his recent deep dive into exploring extended fermentations and anaerobic steps have brought new dimension to his already tasty Typica lot. 


tamarind, werthers candy, red velvet cake


Honduras, Selguapa, Comayagua

Producer / Mill / Group

Fredy Nahun Vasquez, Los 3 Pinos. Los Ramirez group.


1750m, 2.5ha


anaerobic washed. Cherries are harvested at peak ripeness before being floated to remove under ripe cherries. Next, cherries are depulped and fermented for 68 hours before being washed clean. Seeds are then dried on raised beds in a solar drier for 18 days. Using a moisture reader shared by the group, when the parchment reaches 10% humidity, the coffee is moved from the drying beds and stored in grainpro bags until milling.




Imported by Brendan @ Semilla Coffee. Summer 2022 crop

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