Bare. Rwanda, Ukuri lot, red bourbon, NTRL/ANA(xp)


The Bare, Malty & Crisp

Similar to the Dom, but roasted dead-light. A nod to the Scandinavian roasting style, you can expect mulled spices, cereal, and raw honey in the cup profile. The Bare keeps it light and crisp while still upping the sweetness and body for a fresh take on a familiar cup. Lately we’ve been working with either honey process coffees, or experimental processing styles. 

  • body 40% 40%
  • sweetness 40% 40%
  • acidity 20% 20%

The Bare right now & origin details

We’re very fortunate to have more coffees from the BAHO group of producers again after a couple of years in conjunction with our importer friends, Semilla. Operating a number of wet and dry mills as cooperatives, they are owned and controlled only by the local Rwandese people who contribute cherries. The 100% control of how their coffees are sold is an essential step in how specialty coffee is sold. This is the first Rwandan offering from BAHO for 2024, and it is a very wild one since the majority of their lots are straight clean washed coffees. As they’ve become more comfortable with their washed lots, it’s nice to see them being able to dive deeper into more new-school processing styles (although this sounds like a standard approach to their naturals). 


Notes:  strawberry, spiced rum, orange wine gum

Country: Rwanda, Nyamasheke District, Western Province & Nyaruguru District, Southern Province

Producer / Mill / Group: BAHO group, Akagera & Fugi station regional blend

Elevation: 1535-1900masl

Process: Natural process with an anaerobic step (labeled as experiment)

Variety: red bourbon

Harvested: Summer 2023 crop

Importer: Brendan @ Semilla

processing breakdown: This is labeled as an ‘experiment’ although is essentially a zero oxygen step. Wet fermented 12 hours in sealed bags in cherry, sorted and floated and then sealed into barrels for 72 hours again before being dried. Two lots done separately at Akagera and Fugi station with the same process After drying they were milled and blended together.

producer/group details: BAHO is one of few Rwandese groups in the country that is solely owned by local Rwandan people. In Africa and much of the world, where producers do not have the means to own their own facilities to process coffees (wet & dry mills), large conglomerate corporations step in to purchase these factories. Generally this is a step in the wrong direction as it can create monopolies, and one-sided, highly capitalistic positions of power. BAHO owns all of their operations in the form of multiple stations in the region, keeping the power and autonomy with the people that actually grow and produce the coffees.

varietal info: Red bourbon: TBD