shot by Taylor Naoko

shot by Taylor Naoko

who we are

Modus is a Canadian specialty coffee roaster about simplicity. A BIPOC owned and self-funded businesses, the team is small, focused, and well intentioned. Operated by Jessica and Sharif, they combine 2 decades of experience in the specialty coffee industry. Modus took form early 2015 out of an obsession for exceptional coffee that’s honest to origin and terroir, and haven’t stopped since. 

It’s impossible to provide the best coffee without the best ingredients. On the origin side, this also means we prioritize everyone along the supply chain keeping fair equity and autonomy. The goal is the same every season, prioritizing seasonality and our producer partners, through our dependable perennial menu.  

sourcing & producers

Our approach to sourcing is a combo of keeping long-lasting relationships with producers and maintaining a high bar for seasonality. Coffee is really another crop, and working with a coffee that’s fresh, in season, and at its peak really shows in the cup. 

Rich and famous farmers don’t need our business. Although we work with a number of established small-holder producers, our menu is split to also serve farmers that are either new to the specialty coffee market, are in a position of much needed growth, or are against outside pressures that could threaten their livelihood. These are not just ‘stories’, most coffee farmers do it and stay with it out of passion, and sometimes due to lack of options.  

We work with people and communities who share our same goals — valuing constant improvement towards making a better-tasting coffee. Repeatability and growth is key, buying the same coffees every year. This is our way to contribute some type of stability to an unstable commodity, and these are long term business relationships. 

a perennial menu 

Our menu is a little different than whats familiar, but it’s an approach that’s been designed from years of experience in the industry. 

No blends. No dark roasts. Just dependable sweet and balanced coffees. Single origin coffees are the best way to show off a producers work and the terroir of a specific region.

We like our filter coffees full, sweet, and balanced, and our espressos sparkly. Because our goal with all our profiles is balance, this is why we don’t have a filter or espresso roast – every Modus profile is good for any brew method you want.

A coffee roaster first, every coffee gets its own specific approach to get that perfect balance of solubility and sweetness out of it.