about us

Modus is a Canadian coffee company all about simplicity. We took form in early 2015 out of an obsession for great coffee that’s honest to origin and terroir, and haven’t stopped since.

We’re a roaster to start. We look to keep things straightforward and uncomplicated to show appreciation for the many hands involved in the coffee chain. It’s impossible to make great coffee without great ingredients, so we aim to source wild coffees from purposeful producers. 

We also have a shop in Mt. Pleasant in Vancouver, BC – serving up delicious food alongside our coffees.

how we source

Our approach to sourcing is a combo of creating long-lasting relationships with producers and maintaining a high bar for seasonality.

Producers are at the centre of what we do. This is why we look to work with people and communities who share our same goals — valuing constant improvement towards making a better-tasting coffee.

brew guides

A lot of you guys ask us how we brew all our coffees. Here you’ll find some of our own brewing recipes, along with other useful tips for making killer coffee at home.


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