frequently asked questions

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping depends on your location. We ship globally though.

Canada: Flat rate of $14. Or free for orders over $55. Coffee subscriptions are always free.

US: Flat rate of $24. Or free for orders over $65. Coffee subscriptions are always free.

Everywhere else: See checkout for current rates. We’re always working to improve shipping costs for you, so check back or connect with us.

You seem to always have the same coffees, what are these names on your bags?

Our basic approach is to make lighter roast coffees accessible, and we do this through our menu. We have a number of profiles that you’ll see year-round, although the coffee in each profile will swap seasonally. Think of it like a blend, but better. Read more on the profiles here.

How do I choose espresso or drip roast?

We roast our coffees a very specific way, and go straight for body, sweetness and depth. This means that each of the coffees work great with however method you decide to brew with, including espresso.

How dark or light is your coffee?

Roast level is tough to pinpoint since it’s subjective, but all of our coffees are roasted for drinkability, or to a medium/light level. What you can expect from a cup of Modus is big body, jammy origin flavours, and mild acidity.

What's the best way to store coffee?

The easiest way to ruin your coffee is to expose it to air. The best way to keep coffee fresh is just keep it in a sealed container, or if you’re keeping it in the bag, press out the air and use our zip-lock seal.

When's the best time to brew your coffee?

We’ve found that for any drip or filter brews, 2 days after roast is great. If you’re brewing on an espresso machine, we like 7+ days minimum. Coffee that’s too fresh still has some CO2, and needs to off-gas for clarity and simpler extraction.

Are any of your coffees Fair Trade or Organic?

Most probably. We really buy green coffee based on flavour and clarity. Although we don’t seek out organic or fair trade labeled coffees the ones we purchase may be. Either way we don’t label them as such since it doesn’t fit our model, and neither fair trade or organic labeled lots promote quality and farmer sustainability. In any case, all coffees we buy are from reputable producers who are paid well above actual ‘fair trade’ prices.

I'm new to brewing coffee at home, where do I start?
The best way to begin is having the right tools. On top of your brew method, make sure you have a burr grinder, reliable hot water source, and most importantly, a scale. A nice place to start is a 1 to 17 ratio of coffee to water, this is where we start.
I'd really like to taste your coffee first before I commit to a bag.

You can definitely visit us at our Mount Pleasant shop in Vancouver. We’re located at 112 W Broadway. If you’re not in Vancouver visit our partners page to see if there is a partner of ours nearby.