French press

Classic french press. A lot of people say you need a super coarse grind but with new-school coffees, and more discerning tastes, something similar to a finer cupping grind suites our recipe best. Medium/fine you could call it. This is the easiest but longest recipe. We stay around a 16:1 or 16.5:1 ratio.

Your kit: French press. spoon. 320-330mls boiling water. 20g of Modus coffee. Scale. Cup.

  1. Rinse. Start by pre-heating your french press, and boiling your water.
  2. Grind. Freshly ground is best. 20g into your press. Try a few steps finer than a pour-over grind.
  3. 00:00 Top up. Pour all of your water into the press and on your coffee. Put the top on, but do not press or disturb the coffee crust.
  4. 06:00 Wait. After 5 or 6 minutes use a utensil or spoon to ‘break’ your crust. Optionally, skim off the top foam and floating bits. This can add a bit of bitterness to your cup. Put the top back on, do not press quite yet.
  5. 10:00 – 15:00 Ready to go. Your coffee will be ready. You can gently push the press down about halfway into your coffee, this is just used to filter out any bigger grinds. The longer your coffee sits, the more mellow it’ll get. We find at about 15 minutes, its tasting big and sweet.
  6. 16:00 Decant. To slow your coffee from brewing, best to either decant it all into your cup, or into another vessel.