Brewing – Kalita (Hasami) 102

how to brew kalita

The Kalita 102 is our go-to at the shop. The shape and restrictive holes produce a sweet and big body cup. Aside from that, repeatability with it is near 100% true, almost.

Your kit: 22g Modus coffee, 385mls off-boil water, paper filter, stirring utensil, cup and/or decanter. And scale and timer always.

  1. Rinse. Start by wetting your filter with your boiled water. Why? To make everything hot and wash the papery flavour out of the filter. Discard.
  2. Grind. A good start point is to grind your coffee like the coarse salt. Dose the 22g into your rinsed kalita filter.
  3. 00:00 Pre-wet. Start your timer and start by blooming your coffee. Pour double the dry weight (44mls) of your water in to the coffee. Start in the middle and work your way out, getting all the surface.
  4. 00:15 Agitate. With your utensil, gently excavate the coffee, making sure everything, even under the surface is wet. You’ll be able to feel it. Take care to not agitate or mix too much, this’ll effect your brew.
  5. 00:30 Initial pour. Start your pour in the center, and work your way out to peel back the bloom, not pouring down the sides.
  6. 1:00 Pouring. Still pouring in a circular motion, by this point aim to have 200mls of water in.
  7. 1:30 Still pouring. By now, aim for 300mls of water.
  8. 2:00 Stop. By now, you should have finished pouring the whole 385mls.
  9. 2:15 The finish. To make sure everything is brewing nice, use your utensil to give a light stir the same direction you were pouring. Then give the vessel a nice circular motion. This’ll help settle the coffee bed.
  10. 3:00 – 4:00 Fin. Your water should be drained by now. A good end time for this brew style is between 3 – 4 mins. We aim for 3:30, right in the middle.

Once your brew is done, give it a nice swirl or stir to destratify everything. Wait a while for it to cool, and enjoy.

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