aeropress guide how to

The Aeropress is a quirky one, endless ways to get good coffee out it. Here is our method – inverted, with paper filters.

Your kit: Aeropress. Paper or metal filter. 230mls boiling water. 14g Modus coffee. Scale. Cup. Long spoon or utensil to stir.

  1. Rinse. Start by pre wetting your paper filter like always. If you have Aesir premium filters, even better.
  2. Grind. Same grind as a Kalita 102 or V60, a good place to start is to have your coffee looking like coarse sea salt.
  3. 00:00 pre-wet. Put your coffee into the aeropress, bloom with 28ml water right off boil.
  4. 00:15 stir. Give the slurry a light stir to make sure everything is soaked.
  5. 00:25 pour. Pour the rest of your off-boil water until you hit 230mls.
  6. 00:50 stir. Give it just one stir to make sure no coffee is stuck on the bottom or on the walls. Cap it.
  7. 1:20 Flip. Place your vessel or cup on top, and flip. Hold both sections while you do this to avoid the top/bottom popping off.
  8. 1:25 Swirl. With it right side up, give it all one nice swirling motion to agitate again, and dislodge any coffee stuck to the plunger.
  9. 1:30 Press. Press until 2:00.

If you’re using a metal filter, let your coffee sit for a couple minutes, and then decant into another vessel to leave the fines behind. If you’re using paper, you’re good to go after you decant or stir your final brew to destratify.

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