Coffee Brewing Guides

coffee brewing guide

We have a lot of you ask how we brew all our coffees – here you’ll find some of our own brewing recipes, along with some other useful tips for making killer coffee at home. Here are some good to know things to start:

  • The coffee – the main ingredient, make sure it’s of good quality. And peak time of use post-roast. For ours, we recommend 1-4 weeks off-roast.
  • Cleaning – keeping your gear clean is #1 for good coffee. Dirty gear is gross, and will ruin all your hard work brewing a good cup.
  • Repetition – try and do all your actions and motions the same way every time, for example, if you’re agitating, try and take note of exactly how you’re doing it. With something like an aeopress, one extra stir for example will completely change your brew.
  • Grinding – freshly ground coffee is necessary if you want the best cup. Investing in a quality burr grinder is a good idea so you can get uniform grind sizes. Stay away from blade grinders.
  • Brew ratio – when looking at brew ratios, these are always starting points. Keep an open mind, especially with different brew methods.
  • Measure everything – coffee is like baking, you have to weigh and time out everything. 0.5g difference in coffee or a few mls change in water will effect your brew ratio, and end result.
  • Water – good water is crucial, a carbon filter most of the time will do, although it depends on where you live.