Dinner & tasting menu with Curtis Luk

RSVP now here – limited capacity. A set menu inspired by our spring/fall coffees and coffee producing countries. Cocktails also available during. First seating is for 6pm, and the second at 8pm. We will be taking extra special precautions as well due to COVID. Thank you to @ron_akews for whipping up the graphic 👌

modus x the coffee vine subscription

We’re always up for collaborations. Find our Hiro in the October coffee subscription from the CoffeeVine, a global coffee subscription and review site, Alex is always beyond stoked on specialty coffee, especially the roasters he selects for his boxes. The Hiro for the season: Costa Rica, Tarrazu, ‘Tito’ Monge, La Bendita’ Before depulping, Cristian does […] Read more

our coffees

We’ve developed a coffee offering thats consistent and seasonal at the same time. Our menu covers a number of profiles that you’ll see on our shelves year-round, although the coffees being used in each will change, each profile will show you similar characteristics. Similar to a blend, but single origin only. Because why blend good […] Read more