Alterior x Modus collaborative coffee

Mar 12, 2024 | Collaborations, Culture

Very excited to launch this collaborative coffee just for the Alterior team and their patrons consumption. Dallas and Cole have been looking for a branded coffee that fits their own shops ethos and vibe, so we worked together to select one of our profiles that will continuously fuel their vision.

‘HORSEPOWER’ itself is a reskin of our Dom profile – for us, a multi year relationship with an indigenous group out of central Guatemala – the Dom switches from various producers in that group, showing off the most excellent balance of fruits, caramels, and chocolates on every rotation. The best part about this ongoing collab is we will get to purchase more of their coffees.

On the Alterior end, Dallas and Cole pulled their local connections to whip up an aesthetic for the labels that make the collaborative coffee their own. Available at their shop, or on their website.

The coffee itself will be a perennial year round selection, rotating through a handful of producers out of remote central Guatemala, collectively known as Cafe Colis Resitencia. Imported by Semilla, coffees from the indigenous Xinca group have a wild and diverse range of flavours depending on the producer. Expect red berries, marshmallow, red apple, all the way to purple jammy fruits, black berry, and black current.

Label artwork by @saeedferguson of @allcapsstudio

photography by @donnelgarcia

Videography by @rosizzle Video 1 . Video 2 .

“The Alterior/A Living Taste shop is a creative hub working to contribute resources, education, and space through community-building initiatives and activations. Our mission is to provide a safe space that is accessible to support and opportunities of our growing community.”