modus x studio brewing coffee pale ale

Sep 15, 2021 | Collaborations

‘Super Hiro’ available @studiobrewing or via their website while supplies last. I love this beer because it tastes like beer 👌

From Studio: Aromatic, bright and ingredient focused. A Pale Ale brewed with Kviek yeast, delicately dry-hopped with Cashmere and conditioned on a luxurious and fruit-forward coffee called “Hiro”. This beer represents a mutual respect for local producers who are intensely passionate for their respective crafts.

The coffee & producer: a sunny and fruit forward Colombian from Jaime Burbano out of San Agustin. He purchased his own plot at age 23, and even then he would still work half the time on other producers’ farms until he got his own lot up and running.

This single varietal caturra goes through a watchful process. Cherries picked every 3 weeks in peak ripeness. Then floated to separate defects and fermented for 13-15 hours before depulping and then onto dry ferment of 42 hours in plastic bins. Left to drain overnight, then dried on white mesh raised beds for 20-25 days. Lastly stored in parchment before moving to be milled.

Jaime is also part of a group named Monkaaba, their goal being for producers to have more control over their coffees, more autonomy on how it’s sold, and collective learning through local collaboration.

Grown at 1750m / WASHED process, caturra varietal, and Imported by Brendan @semillacoffee