Partnering with VanF&B against COVID19

Apr 21, 2020 | Collaborations

As of this April 2020 we’ll be donating $5 off 2lb bags and $10 off 4.5lb bags sold to the @vanfbc  relief fund 💸

COVID19 has had an insane and staggering effect on everyone, especially the majority of hospitality workers. Businesses of all sizes have had to temporarily lay off a lot of people, and there are many who fall through the cracks by not qualifying for a number of government incentives. Especially in Vancouver, were commercial rent and property taxes are staggeringly high, even 1 week of no operation can mean the end.

@vanfbc was started at the get go for food and bev people put out by COVID19 and need urgent relief. Be sure to check out the roster for where else you can put your money to work.