Conscious coffee sourcing and Mataquescuintla, Guatemala

Aug 3, 2019 | Shop & Coffee

As we grow it gets easier, but as a small roaster the real challenge is being able to move weight and work with producers on the ground, directly.

Recently there was a significant group-buy of about 91,200LBs of coffee, the hard to reach area of Mataquescuintla. The buy began of mainly BowsxArrows and West Coast coffee traders running logistics and processing, and after that a number of roasters came together to share the load essentially.

The thing that sparked this has to do with the Escobal mine, and the Vancouver-based corporation running it. Essentially driving a wedge in the community. A massive disruption to the way of life in the area of San Rafael, coffee is being used as a means to help and fund their ongoing resistance.

We’re happy that as such a small micro-roaster to be a part of something so significant – and we hope to continue to support this, and other important and real situations as we grow.

So far we’ve got 6 bags of Erick Pinedas coffee, and another 3 bags from Avigail Zuleta. Both wildly different and equally delicious considering everyones limited resources. To step up we’ve decided to donate back $0.50/LB sold, and $0.50 from each pour-over in-store. Be sure to watch for these coffees!

There’s a lot of layers to this issue, if you want to read more on it, and the happenings, BowsxArrows has a packed synopsis with a number of links.