In stock – Collaborative ceramics with Dustin Ryan Yu Studio

Sep 28, 2018 | Collaborations, Culture, Shop & Coffee

We worked with local multi-talented artist Dustin to create a limited run of ceramics. Being +/- 8oz, the walls are thick enough to steal the heat from your black coffee so it’s ready to drink sooner. Also retains heat very well for preheating, perfect for your espresso and milk based cup. Available in-store and online.

Details from Dustin Ryan Yu: The “black” Modus coffee mugs are not just a flat jet black. It starts as a muted maroon colour pre-firing, and is then carefully dipped. After it dries, the mugs are placed on a shelf in the kiln, and is fired to temperatures over 2200F, transforming the clay into ceramic. Upon cooling, it comes out of the kiln looking glassy and has depth in colour. In sunlight, you can often see various shades of blacks, greys, white speckles, and even hints of blue. This glaze is impressive in how it responds.

Modus coffee ceramic mugs Vancouver