Keeping cool with cold coffee

Jun 14, 2018 | Shop & Coffee

Cold coffee doesn’t have to be just cold brew. Now being served at the shop, espresso tonics and Japanese style cold pour-overs, aka, iced pour-overs, aka flash brew.

Why iced pour-overs? Because we want you to be able to taste what you want, and the flavour that hits you is next level. The sweetness and high notes of a hot brew, without the oxidized feel and taste of a cold brew. Get it fresh, made for you, right when you order.

Here’s our recipe for a Japanese style pour-over:

  • For 12oz worth, you’ll need 20g of Modus coffee, 175ml hot water, 175g ice.
  • Your ice will go into your vessel, cup, or carafe.
  • Your coffee should be fresh ground, about sea salt fine. 
  • Pre wet your filter.
  • Bloom your coffee with double your dry weight (40ml), stir and saturate all of your coffee.
  • After 30 seconds slowly pour the rest of your hot water from the center moving outward.
  • We use a Kalita 102, and aim for a finish time of around 3:00 to 3:30 minutes. If you stop your pour at about 1:30, you should hit this range.

Swirl your finished iced coffee and enjoy. It’ll get more mellow the more you sip, and the more the rest of the ice melts.

Iced pour overIced pour over