About Modus coffee roasters, Vancouver

Modus is a Canadian coffee company about simplicity. Our coffees are straightforward and uncomplicated to show appreciation for the many hands involved in the coffee chain, including like-minded producers doing good. It’s impossible to make great things with not great ingredients so we look at sourcing wild coffees from purposeful producers, forming consistent and long-term relationships.

Noticing that it isn’t easy to find coffee that was light, sweet and balanced, Modus started to take form in early 2015 out of an obsession to enjoy coffee that’s honest to origin and terroir. Accepting the seasonal inconsistency of coffee, we’ve come up with a deliciously consistent line up.




our wip manifesto / the long ver.

It’s worth mentioning that modus started because of a pure obsession for coffee. Considering the wide range of flavour and experience to all the hands involved, and the endless amount of hard work that goes into producing just 1lb of coffee, it’s a good reason to not rush it.

Hoping to use modus as a vessel to inspire others to go against complacency, and ultimately play by your own rules. We’re still young, but along the way decided quickly the things we wanted to stand for –

creating deliciously sweet coffee

We’re a roaster to start. We’ve always roasted our coffee for our own tastes, but always pushing boundaries and staying prolific is key too. You’ll never know if you don’t make mistakes. We enjoy the flavour of terroir, so everything’s kept on the lighter end. We also enjoy balance and sweetness. This is where things get tricky – creating that balance of sweetness, terroir, and depth is a constant chase we’re happy to pursue. Deliciously sweet coffee as honest to origin as possible is our nod to all the hands involved in the chain. 

winning at no ones expense

Roasting coffee is easy, finding good coffee is also easy. We want to make sure the right amount of $ is going to the right people. Everything we source is aimed to be fully traceable and in-season but we want to continue to build relationships at origin with producers who are on the same values. Moving away from out-dated buying practices and the ‘C’. Creating repeatability with producers who are about fostering local purpose in their communities. The most we can do is create predictability, and with some luck, buy more year after year. If you do some reading, you’ll find out that the traditional coffee chain is not sustainable which is why us, and plenty of others are using new alternative buying strategies. We feel that long-term mutually beneficial relationships with continuous dialogue are part of the answer.

choose happiness vs being the biggest

I’ve always been an advocate of less stuff, better quality, and this is no different. We’ll grow when it’s right, but staying honest is what matters. Staying true to our goals and impact. Keeping a tight team lets us be mobile, quick to adapt. We chose fun and purpose over selling out and making loud noises. 

inspiring purpose

Not to sound cliche but you only get one life – do your best to do your best. Don’t listen to naysayers. Do what you want, unapologetically. Get what’s yours. Get it with purpose and intent. Be selfish if you have to. It’s better to start something that’s imperfect than not starting at all. Trying to hit that level of perfection can be your end. Start now, polish daily.


the mc team 👌