coffee roastery modus

We’re a coffee roaster all about simplicity and roasting light, balanced coffee.

Based out of Vancouver, Modus started from a pure obsession for coffee. With the endless amount of work that goes into producing just a pound of coffee, we believe in staying honest to origin as a nod to all the hands involved in the chain.

our 6 coffee profiles

Our rotating menu covers select flavour profiles that you’ll see on our shelves year-round. 

The coffees we use change, but each profile will follow some similar characteristics – kind of like how a blend works, but with single-origin coffee only. Choose from the lineup on the right to check them out.

the Coast.
big & forgiving

the Latif.
juicy & fruity

the Hiro.
winey & tropical

the Dom.
sweet & familiar

the Bare.
malty & crisp

the Opus.
exotic & complex

coffee subscription

Keep it easy and get a mix of our coffee right to your door every month with a coffee subscription (includes some special or rare coffees from time to time).

seasonal sourcing

Our approach to sourcing is a combo of building long-lasting relationships with producers and maintaining a high bar for seasonality.

Producers are at the centre of what we do, so we look to work with people and communities who share our values. Seasonality comes right after the people. Staying on top of fresh crop coffees is a must for long-lasting deliciousness.


Modus x Ageless Galaxy capsule
Modus x Ageless Galaxy capsule

The graphics used in this collection is a reflection of both brands’ love for clean design, as Modus Coffee’s minimalistic concept goes hand in hand with Ageless Galaxy’s love for clean typographic designs to augment the shirts. Across the collection, a variation of...

Celebrating 3 years at broadway with Chowder
Celebrating 3 years at broadway with Chowder

The broadway shop turns 3 on December 14, and normally we'd throw a bit of a party but that's a no go this time around.Resident baker and chef Curtis Luk put together a comforting chowder take out menu and good friend Isaac aka @ziktats whipped up this poster for us...

Dinner & tasting menu with Curtis Luk
Dinner & tasting menu with Curtis Luk

RSVP now here - limited capacity. A set menu inspired by our spring/fall coffees and coffee producing countries. Cocktails also available during. First seating is for 6pm, and the second at 8pm. We will be taking extra special precautions as well due to COVID. Thank...

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