roastery modus

Based out of Vancouver, BC, We’re a coffee roaster all about simplicity and roasting light, balanced coffee.

With the endless amount of work to produce just 1LB of coffee, we keep our roasts and profiles as honest to origin as possible –  our nod to all the hands involved in the coffee chain.

coffee profiles

Our rotating menu covers select flavour profiles that you’ll see on our shelves year-round. 

The coffees we use change, but each profile will follow some similar characteristics – kind of like how a blend works, but with single-origin coffee only.

the Coast.
big & forgiving

the Latif.
juicy & fruity

the Hiro.
winey & tropical

the Dom.
sweet & familiar

the Bare.
malty & crisp

the Opus.
exotic & complex

monthly coffee box

Subscribers get a monthly parcel of selected profiles from the modus line up, plus exclusive coffees only for you. Shipped free.

seasonal sourcing

Our approach to sourcing is a combo of building long-lasting relationships with producers and maintaining a high bar for seasonality.

Producers are at the centre of what we do, so we look to work with people and communities who share our values.


modus x studio brewing coffee pale ale
modus x studio brewing coffee pale ale

'Super Hiro' available @studiobrewing or via their website while supplies last. I love this beer because it tastes like beer 👌 From Studio: Aromatic, bright and ingredient focused. A Pale Ale brewed with Kviek yeast, delicately dry-hopped with Cashmere and...

modus x brickpress notepad
modus x brickpress notepad

Partnering with local businesses and people doing killer work is key for us. On top of that, anything unrelated to coffee are the more challenging projects. Being big on productivity, organization, and just getting back to basics when we can, we wanted to design an...

Modus x Ageless Galaxy capsule
Modus x Ageless Galaxy capsule

The graphics used in this collection is a reflection of both brands’ love for clean design, as Modus Coffee’s minimalistic concept goes hand in hand with Ageless Galaxy’s love for clean typographic designs to augment the shirts. Across the collection, a variation of...

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