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    Full and juicy lots with thick jammy flavors reminiscent of your favorite childhood juice box. With fruit-forward & tropical sweetness, the Latif shows the more colorful side of what coffee can be.

    Specific coffee origin traceability below.


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Product Description

Whole Bean, Single Origin Coffees.

Ethiopia Guji Uraga

Guji is slowly becoming a dominant presence with many roasters and green coffee companies. Neighbouring Yirgacheffe, coffee from Guji are both super different, and equally as delicious. This coffee is no different, and shows through its juicy and full character. Made up of many smallholder producers, the coffee is a result of the areas character and high altitudes, processed at the Uraga washing station. 

36 to 48 hour fermentation, dried on raised beds, 1950 – 2250 MASL, 14 screen size, heirloom varietals, shade grown, average rainfall 1800-2000mm, average temperature 20-23C. From Mountain Coffee. 

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