• Latif. El Salvador, Jan-Carlo/Mapache, El Naranjito el Batallon

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    The Latif is our juicy pick of the line up. It’s mostly been African coffees since they inherently have such fruit-for-ward character but we’re open. Next to the Dom, this would be next in order of ease of use. Keeping it medium light, it should remind you of your favorite childhood juice box.

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Whole Bean, Single Origin Coffees.

El Salvador, Jan-Carlo/Mapache, El Naranjito el Batallon

Part of the Mapache farms, Jan-Carlo is big into alternative processes. When we visited early 2018 we got a first hand look at their newly built washing station. This way he’s able to have more control over all his coffees. The whole facility was spotless and well organized.

1200-1400 MASL, bourbon varietals, From Mountain Coffee. 

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