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  • Coffee Hiro

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    A refreshing surprise for its origin, the Hiro shows off coffees that are not so typical for their terroir. Complexity is the result of juicy fruits, exotic florals, and subtle cacao notes working perfectly together.

    Specific coffee origin traceability below.


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Product Description

Whole Bean, Single Origin Coffees.
Currently – Colombia Jose Manuel Mora Mora

“Grown near the town of Sotomayor in Narino, the farm is in a real remote area. Boasting a great view, the farm is on a very steep slope, perched up on a nice range in the Andean mountains.”

Washed, 2000 MASL, Castillo, caturra varietal. 12 hour fermentation time, dried on African raised beds, 8 to 10 day drying time.

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