• Modus Coffee Hiro 340
  • Coffee Hiro

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    Beyond exceptional coffee’s that can’t be classified. Multi-layered lots showing something very different.
    Expect any coffees with unique processing, notable producers, and ridiculously clean, super limited micro-lots.

    Specific coffee origin traceability below.


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Product Description

Whole Bean, Single Origin Coffees.
Currently – Colombia Agiraldo Evelin Acosta

“Agiraldo’s farm is perched on the side of a very steep cliff in La Florida, Nariño. They grow entirely Castillo and dry the parchment carefully on covered raised beds. Their altitude of 1915 masl leads to very slow maturation, very dense green coffee and a smaller overall bean size.”

Washed, 1915 MASL, Castillo varietal. 15 hour fermentation time, dried on African raised beds, 15 day drying time.

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