• Hiro. Ethiopia, Kawo Kamina, Sheka

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    winey & tropical

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Current notes – christmas cake, jamaican rum, plum
Currently – Ethiopia, Kawo Kamina, Sheka

Located West of Ethiopia bordering Illubabor and Wollega and close to Bench Maji. There is a Unesco protected forest, rich in honey and in endemic plants and birds. Sheka Special Fermentation, an anaerobic processes, where coffee after being cleaned and selected, sits in Stainless steel tanks for 60 hours and is then dried on elevated African beds. This process produces strong fruity and winey character.

Natural anaerobic, Heirloom varietals, 2100m, 60 hours in fermentation tanks, 14+ screen, dried on raised beds. Sourced by Dustin @ Mountain. 

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