• Dom. Guatemala Erick Pineda

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    The Dom is our standard for a familiar cup. Typically we find well-rounded lots and roast them closer to a medium roast. No roast flavor but the goal is a very forgiving coffee thanks to low acidity, big body, and super sweetness. This is our crowd-pleaser.

    Specific coffee origin traceability below.


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Whole Bean, Single Origin Coffees.
Currently – Guatemala Erick Pineda

In collaboration with other roasters as part of a group buy. Many politics behind coffees out of Mataquescuintla, but we’re on the right track. First year that Erick and others will get to hear feedback from their end users about their coffee! This is the first coffee to be part of our Source+ Program, an effort to donate back a portion of sales right back to the producers and community.

Washed process. Harvested Spring/Summer 2019. Pache and san ramon varietals.. 1800 MASL. From Bows & Arrows / West Coast.

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