• Opus. Ethiopia Hana Asrat

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    The Opus is a nod to the Scandinavian style of roasting, expertly dead light. Combining this profile with coffees that are more floral forward you can expect a more delicate and brighter cup. Mostly going with washed coffees, we’ve found this process works best when roasting super light, showing off the clarity.

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Whole bean, single origin coffees.

Currently: Ethiopia, Hana Asrat

Hana Asrat washing station is located in one of the highest coffee growing regions in Ethiopia. Yabitu Koba village, in Guji, Uraga, is situated at an altitude of 2300+ meters above sea level, where the washing station gathers the ripest coffee cherries from 720 smallholder farmers. After the coffee is sorted, it is left to ferment for 24-48 hours and then soaked in fresh & clean water for another 4 hours to ensure consistent moisture content. Finally, it is dried on elevated beds, and produces amazing potential for a complex, floral, and juicy cup.

Washed, 2300 MASL, 14 screen size, Heirloom varietals. From Mountain coffee.

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