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    Lively, bright, transparent and complex. The Opus is an adventurous pick with exotic fruit flavors up front. Followed up with deep florals and tea-like perfume sweetness, this coffee keeps things wild.

    Specific coffee origin traceability below.


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Product Description

Whole bean, single origin coffees.

Ethiopia Worka, Gore Kone station

Organic by default, this coffee is collected from 7- 800 smallholder farms in the surrounding area. Whole cherries are carefully hand sorted and selected for ripeness before going into production. Once these cherries get delivered to the mill, they are pulped by a disk pulper and graded by density. only the highest quality and freshest beans get selected for further processing.

Oromia region, Gore Kone station. 1900-2000 MASL, Washed process. 10-12 days drying time.From Apex Coffee.

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