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    Bare, just as how we want to show these coffees. Roasted on the lighter side with medium acidity, we like to show notes of cinnamon, malt, mulled spices, raw and cane sugar. Clean, honey aromatics.

    Specific coffee origin traceability below.


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Product Description

Whole Bean, Single Origin Coffees.
Currently – Costa Rica Sumava de Lourdes

This not so typical Costa Rican is from the West Valley north of Naranjo de Alajuela. The farm is managed by a local specialty coffee pioneer, Francisco Mena of Exclusive Coffees who took home the top price in the Cup of Excellence. The white honey processing is also a very sustainable method because of its lower water usage (90% less). A light layer of pulp is left on the cherries during drying, and this brings out more fruiter, candy apple aspects of the coffee.

Caturra, white honey, sun dried on raised beds & hand sorted, small lot 100lb bags, 1650-1700 MASL. From Root 86.

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