About Modus coffee roasters, Vancouver


Modus is a Canadian coffee company geared towards simplicity. Our coffees are straightforward and uncomplicated to inspire appreciation for the many hands involved in the coffee chain, including quality focused coffee producers. It’s impossible to make great things with a mediocre ingredient; as a curious roaster its our intent to source amazing and wild coffees, and roast to their inherent potential, not masking or subduing them.

Noticing that it isn’t easy to find coffee that was sweet and balanced, Modus started to take form in early 2015 out of an obsession to enjoy coffee as honest to origin and terroir as possible. It’s difficult to describe the idea of a specific taste, but describing our coffees as uncompromised is a start. Accepting the natural and seasonal inconsistency of coffee, we’ve designed an offering that’s consistent, approachable, and sweet.