Coffee for the Discerning Palate

Without sounding like a broken record, getting real specialty coffee doesn’t need to be complicated, but the sourcing and roasting parts have to be. We think the only way you can enjoy where a coffee’s from is to roast for sweetness, balance and depth.

Sourcing & Roasting Specialty Coffee

Because a lot of time is spent on sourcing and selecting great specialty coffee, the offering is always changing, but the menu isn’t. While offering only single origin (no blends) coffee, a different type of coffee menu comes first. Showing off the diversity of coffee but still staying very approachable.


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    Dedication to providing solid coffee also means getting a solid coffee program. Bringing you great coffee is a fraction of it.

    We’ll work with you to make sure the coffee is tasting legit, and make a coffee program for you. Since every shop and space is different, the best coffee program is the one that makes sense.


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